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WE HAVE LAND! APES has secured magnificent property in North East Texas upon which we will establish APES Sanctuary for Primates

Several years of searching has led us to our new home...nature has kept safe and hidden mature hardwood trees, delicate ferns and moss, rolling hills and a spring-fed creek. Wildlife is abundant-and was once hunted. Our stewardship protects the wildlife and all of the miracles of nature which flourish at the sanctuary.

We will be tucking into a niche to provide for our sanctuary inhabitants. Together with you, we are committed to further improving the habitat by planting and encouraging the growth of natural flora to provide for wildlife and our sanctuary family, we will also be establishing a wetlands area.

With careful consideration, and your valuable partnership, we will create a magnificent sanctuary for all; humans and non-humans alike. For all who volunteer and visit, who labor and live at the sanctuary-APES is a sanctuary of harmony, appreciation, and joy.

Please join us today in moving forward with OUR dream, together we will establish a most exceptional sanctuary for all of whom are part. Contribute today and secure your place as a partner with us, our APES Sanctuary for Primates. (CLICK HERE TO DONATE)

We are updating frequently, please check back often for how your donation has impact. Can you help with our water-well? A donation towards the well which will cost $9,150.00 is needed immediately. Thank you for caring.

CRUEL Camera

Twenty-five years ago, Bob Mckeown and a fifth estate crew stunned the country with an investigative report that showed that many of the wildlife documentaries we'd grown up watching on television (remember the famous footage of the lemmings going off the cliff or some of the memorable moments from shows like Wild Kingdom?) were staged for the television cameras. As well, they revealed that animals often died during the making of movies; all for the sake of the entertainment value.

Now, Bob McKeown and an investigative team have returned to the subject to find out what has changed since the fifth estate's first Cruel Camera documentary. What they found may astonish you.

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