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Photo Gallery

Non-Human Primates

APES is proud to share these images of the beautiful beings who individually and as a species contribute to the diversity and splendor of our shared world. Their faces are as individual as their personalities, their eyes as penetrating as those of a close friend. From providing exceptional care in the APES Sanctuary for Primates to protecting from extinction; we hope everyone will share in the mission.

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  • Tim Wallace
    Valentino: Yes, he is thinking.
  • Tim Wallace
    Bonded: Valentino and June Bug
  • Lynne Slater
    Orangutan: Enjoying simple pleasures
  • Tim Wallace
    Lar Gibbon: Intelligence shines from this young gibbon's face
  • Yes, primates do love bananas!
  • A trio of chimpanzees enjoy their afternoon lunch together

  • Grooming chimps demonstrate companionship and respect for each other
  • Apes, like humans, possess the ability of self-recognition

  • Kevin Danheiser
    Primate Personality Plus
  • A happy smile

  • Beautiful Macaque
  • This captive Orangutan maintains an air of majesty and dignity, still, their true spirit is only realized in the wild.

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