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Photo Gallery

Human Primates

  • Mike Glover
    Chance French bonds with chimp during rescue mission

  • APES President Lee Theisen-Watt with gibbon and siamang friends

  • APES' Dr. Michele Martino, (left to right) and Chance French with Tim Fleming; Rebecca, Hardy and Danielle from the International Primate Protection League; Nicole, Jim, and Georgie after a successful day of primate care and physicals.
  • Richard Farinato (L) and Michael Markarian (Center) of HSUS with APES and Friends for a celebration of progress in Animal Welfare

  • Ed Clark, APES Board of Directors, Releases a Bald Eagle back to the wild following successful rehabilitation

  • Marc Bekoff, APES Advisory Board with his friend Willie

  • APES and the International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council (IWRC) join to provide professional training in wildlife rehabilitation. Pictured are instructors from both IWRC and APES

  • Chance French, APES E.D., Lee Theisen-Watt, Pres., and Tony Smith, Fauna Foundation and APES Advisory Board

  • APES, with many other organizations dedicated to animals, responded to the destruction of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. We arrived for a 4-week commitment in New Orleans at rescue headquarters with a truckload of medical and other supplies. There was a constant and immediate need for supportive care of the thousands of dogs, cats, and horses at the shelter and a more urgent need for field rescue.
  • Dan-Dan is a Hoolock Gibbon, a highly endangered species and victim of the illegal pet trade in Myanmar. We literally pulled over to check on the gibbon. He'd been purchased by the father of the house during a business trip to an outlying village where Dan-Dan's mother had been poached and he as a baby taken to sell. Our guide and interpreter is also a veterinarian at the zoo. He informed the family that Dan-Dan was acquired and being held illegally, and encouraged them to relinquish him to the zoo (Myanmar does not permit sanctuaries).

  • L to R: Photographer Thomas D. Mangelsen, Dr. Jane Goodall, Chris Byrne, Lee Theisen-Watt

  • University of St. Thomas volunteers prepare for an APES for APES Fundraiser

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